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Villa HUIS16  Luxury Mediterranean Calm

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Villa Huis16. Created by architect Marcos Sainz. Every element of this 6 bedroom villa is there to make your family holiday or golfing get-away deliver. It's fabulous (of course) but the design is more than just visually stunning. Our philosophy is to give you a space where your living experience has been thought about and enhanced.


When you choose a villa the things you actually do there need to work. How you feel and how your emotions are influenced by your environment are important. We respect this. Both beauty and practicality are needed. So when you want to be with the action there are stunning settings with amazing views from the multiple large terraces, gardens and pool area . This is carefully balanced with  spaces inside and around the villa where 12 guests can all find a beautiful spot to relax and do their own thing.

Organise a group, bring them and wow them.


The Gallery

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The Space


We want your group to thank us for the experience but more importantly to thank you for making it happen.

Same but Different

We recognise you have a huge choice of superb villas so to stand out we listen to our clients and constantly add, from start to finish.


Bringing large groups together is always fun but we strive to make sure everyone can still be an individual.


Every bit of the villa and our service has been looked at with the premiss of how will this make our guests feel.

Safe and Secure

In its secluded location on the security aware Los Flamingos resort the villa offers safety, discretion and privacy.


Whatever you want, We expect you to feel comfortable asking. 

The Difference
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The Difference

Its not about a villa. Its about you. Villa Huis 16 is a luxury family home where every age group can have a fabulous time together and every type of personality can be how they want to be. Everyone has space to do their own thing. Together or apart.

It's also totally private, not overlooked, so discretion is assured.

How does all this work..?

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...Designed inside. In the main salon choose if you want to watch the nature over the golf course or be part of the action in the kitchen and dining area where food and drinks are being prepared. Or simply lose yourself in a movie. You can do it all from the huge soft sofas with their back-to-back layout. You sit as a group all close together but enjoying different experiences looking in different directions. You are all interacting as a group but free to have your own experience and you can jump in and out of what your friends are doing without having to move. Connected but independent.


The kitchen is a discrete space but also the social powerhouse of the villa. Again with great attention to its design. It is situated in a position where you hold court looking across your entertainment kingdom and rule. Like a gourmet DJ you entertain facing your audience. In front of you lie the salon, the terrace framed by the sea, the swimming pool and the outside barbecue and dining area. You are connected from your first step into the kitchen until the last drink is finished. It takes the idea of preparing and socialising to the max.

Arguments about who has each bedroom are elevated from who has the biggest room to which theme do you want. The dilemma is now do you want the room where you walk a few steps from your bed into the heated pool or the room where you have total solitude and can catch the sunrise. Out onto the lush lawn or into the sauna? By the games room or with the view of Africa.?

All are spacious, en-suite, luxurious and tasteful spaces. More akin to a boutique hotel than a Marbella villa.

No bling just class.


Sun and Shade. There are at least eight distinct areas outside to enjoy each with a different feel.

Outside uninterrupted views of the ocean and the beautiful Los Flamingos golf course and lake.

The cantilevered heated infinity pool hangs dramatically over the fairway. Sit in the water with a cool drink feeling like you are actually floating over the golf course.

The south facing terrace is a sun trap that sweeps across the front of the villa with a sunbed zone, sofas, coffee tables and then at the end the dramatic arched covered dining and barbecue area with full kitchen and the main dining table. Everyone can finally gather together to dine on the edge of the golf course. Every seat at the table has the best view, literally.

All this overlooking the garden downstairs. Lush open lawn running along the edge of the golf course in front of the games room. At the end of the garden another shady quiet corner away from the action to grab a moment alone. Enjoy the secluded Yoga meditation and workout room to give your spiritual side a boost.

At first light you can enjoy a coffee on the sunrise table at the front of the villa. Play Petang in the shade in the beautifully lit front garden. Or head up onto the roof to the fire pit with staggering views where you can watch the sunset and the stars in luxurious comfort with a fridge stocked full right next to you.

Huis16 (22).jpg

Around you. Los Flamingos Golf is a secure gated community with very high standards of security and service. You are a very short distance from the beaches and just a few minutes drive from Marbella. Practicalities like supermarkets are very near and there is a selection of good local restaurants on your doorstep.

Marbella and Puerto Banus offer a wonderful selection of both high-end exclusive dining and traditional open air courtyards and town square eateries.

We can arrange luxury and supercar car hire as well as just buggies to explore the countryside.

Boats, jet skis, water skiing and even a visit to the ski resort in the mountains, in season, are all there for you.

Please just ask and we will arrange it for you.



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Treats. Huis16 benefits from full hotel services from the Villa Padierna Hotel at the centre of the resort. Dining is never a problem, chefs are on hand. There is a full daily maid service. Breakfast can be there any time you want.

Control. It's not all image and beauty however. Huis16 has a state of the art entertainment, lighting and climate control installation. There are 2 large TVs with a multitude of channels. Each room can have its own music or can tap into the central sounds that serve the whole villa. There’s a central panel that sets the mood of the lighting for the whole villa, inside and out. Choose summer or winter to change the feel of your whole environment at the push of a button. And of course the temperature can be as warm or as cool as you want in each separate area.

Underground garaged parking for three cars, plus 2 inside the electric gates.

Get in touch for prices and availability

Thank you!

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